KBT Specials

​Milk tea is shaken with ice/ Snowbubble is blended with ice

Traditional Milk Tea: Milk tea-Black tea-Sweetened-Traditional boba

Bangkok Special: Snowbubble-Black tea-Strawberry-Honeydew-Traditional boba

Banana Cream Pie: Snowbubble-Green tea-Banana-Vanilla- Traditional boba

Sweet Tooth:  Snowbubble-Black tea-Cotton Candy-Bubblegum-Strawberry Jellies

Lucky Boba: Snowbubble- Green tea-Vanilla-Matcha-Peppermint-Traditional boba

The Ronan Special: Snowbubble-Black tea- Vanilla-Popping Strawberry

Super Mango: Snowbubble-Green tea-Vanilla-Mango-Popping mango-Mango Jellies

Captain Boba Berry: Snowbubble-Black tea-Strawberry-Taro-Popping Blueberry-Popping Strawberry

Root Beer Float: Snowbubble-Root beer-Vanilla-Popping Yogurt

Rochester Special: Snowbubble-Passion tea-Watermelon-Vanilla-Popping Lychee

Creamsicle: Snowbubble-Black tea- Orange cream-Popping Mango

Pina Colada: Snowbubble-Black tea-Coconut-Pineapple-Traditional boba

Almond Joy: Snowbubble-Black tea-Chocolate-Coconut-Almond-Traditional boba

Apple Pie: Snowbubble-Green tea-Cinnamon Bun-Popping Green Apple

Bubblebeer: Snowbubble-Cream Soda-Sea Salt Cream-Butterscotch-Popping Yogurt

Cherry Cordial: Snowbubble-Black tea-Chocolate-Cherry-Popping Chocolate

** Add fresh whip cream $.50 cents

Fruit tea is shaken with ice /Slushie is blended with ice

Tropical Punch: Fruit tea-Passion tea-Orange-Pineapple-Popping Mango

Yoshi: Fruit tea-Black tea-Kiwi-Popping Strawberry

The Zoba: Slushie-Lemonade-Green apple- Popping Pomegranate

Pomberry: Fruit tea-Green tea-Pomegranate-Popping Blueberry

The Philly:  Fruit tea-Black tea-Lychee-Traditional boba

Triple P: Fruit tea-Passion tea-Passion fruit-Passion fruit jelly

Mixed Berry: Fruit tea- Passion tea-Blueberry-Raspberry-Popping Strawberry

Sunrise Flip: Slush Lemonade-Lemon-Cherry-Popping Lemon

Red Bull Boba: Slush- Red Bull- Pick a fruit flavor and boba